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SEO service is one of the most popular among customers who want to promote their company on the Internet. Surely you have often wondered why you should opt for SEO and not use, for example, Google Ads or promotions on social networks. In today's article, I will try to present, in my opinion, the 10 most important reasons why the choice of SEO is crucial for your company.

Definition of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - is a series of activities aimed at improving a website's visibility in organic search results. SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is only part of the positioning process, although these terms are often used interchangeably. Below I will present the most important elements of positioning.

The first one is activities on the website (On-Site). We distinguish here e.g. analysis and improvement of meta title and description, headers, site structure and navigation. Technical aspects are also checked, such as website speed, redirects and support on mobile devices.

The second element is Off-Site operations - link-building activities, link analysis or social media.

The third element is User Experience (UX) - here the factors affecting the reception of your website by users are analyzed and improved. Search engines on the website, product filtering or internal linking are just some of the elements that should be paid attention to when positioning a website.

The fourth element worth looking at is the technical aspects. Access to individual pages or resources for a crawler, an up-to-date and optimized sitemap, and optimization of server settings - these are all indispensable components of the work of an SEO specialist.

The number of elements that should be paid attention to in the process of website positioning is definitely greater. Therefore, for people without experience with internet marketing, I recommend using the offer of a professional agency. However, we are supposed to know the advantages of positioning for a company, so we're getting to that point.

Increased visibility in organic results

One of the key benefits of positioning services is increasing the visibility of our website in organic search results. The user, by entering a key phrase, lands on our website and can get to know our company, use a service or buy a product. In positioning, we deal not only with key phrases but also with long-tail phrases (long tail phrases), which are usually less competitive and more closely respond to user expectations, while having a high conversion rate. 

Main and longtail phrases can evolve, so it is necessary to constantly analyze them. The page can be displayed not only for main and sales phrases but also for informational ones. A great way to attract users is to create original content in the form of e.g. a blog or tutorials.

More visitors to our site

The increase in visibility in search results translates into the number of people who decide to visit our website. The more people visit our website, the greater the chance that some users will use our services, some products, or maybe just learn about the existence of the company at the beginning. In the process of positioning, it is worth making sure that the user who reaches the website stays on it as long as possible, finding the information, product or service he/she is looking for. 

In positioning, a very important element is also the link-building process, which allows users to find information about our company or its services on external portals. Agencies propose link-building plans based on the analysis of competing sites. Guidelines are being prepared regarding the sources of obtaining links, their quantity and appropriate use.

Building brand/website trust

Users who come to the website from organic results are much more likely to familiarize themselves with our offer. It is also related to the fact that companies that are higher in organic results inspire greater trust among users. Due to the constantly growing number of shops and service companies, it is difficult to build awareness of the existence of our brand without appropriate positioning activities. 

By visiting our website and using our services, Internet users can leave opinions about the company or recommend the offer to another person. Additionally, users are more likely to return to our site in the future.

More profit for the company

The previous points showed us that thanks to properly selected activities, our website will be shown much more often in organic results. Professionally planned activities will increase the number of visitors to the website. Let's not forget what this is supposed to lead to because the overriding goal is to increase the company's profits. Regardless of whether you run an online store or a service company, its task is to attract as many customers as possible who are willing to buy a product or use a service. 

Just increasing the number of customers is not everything. It is also important to analyze their behaviour on the website or check the entire purchasing process. Thanks to such actions, it is possible to eliminate elements that contribute to a high bounce rate, e.g. by shortening or facilitating the purchasing process.

Lower long-term costs

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Using the positioning service is definitely cheaper in the long run. The first effects, depending on the industry, can be seen already within the first few months of activities. For comparison, advertising in Google Ads brings results already at the time of its proper configuration and launch, but its costs are often many times higher than in the case of opting for positioning. 

How much does positioning cost? - check here. After several months of positioning, the positive effects of the activities are more clearly visible. It may be a greater number of orders, received phone calls or completed contact forms.

Long-term positioning results

Even after the end of positioning, our phrases should stay in similar positions for a long time. It is worth remembering, however, that no change in the algorithm or operation of competing companies should be left without our response. In the case of positioning, previously optimized subpages may require optimization adjustments tailored to the changing algorithms of search engines or the expectations of their users.

Possibility to measure the effects

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In the case of positioning, customers often ask about the possibility of measuring the effectiveness of their activities. Appropriate configuration of analytical tools is crucial here. We can check not only the position of a given phrase using one of the Google position monitoring available on the market but also using tools such as The Dedicated SEO Dashboard, Google Search Console or Google Analytics. In the case of Google Analytics, its configuration is extremely important. Excluding business addresses and blocking payment gateways in the traffic source are just some of the elements to keep in mind. The increase in traffic from organic channels is an indication that the strategy prepared for our website is appropriate. In a situation where, for example, the position of phrases is increasing and the traffic on the website is not increasing, it may be necessary to correct the phrases.

Flexible positioning offer

When considering the decision to use the positioning service, it is worth paying attention to the flexibility of the agency's offer. Large stores with considerable competition on the market will require completely different budgets, and much smaller amounts will be allocated by the owner of a small service company operating locally. 

The flexible offer also applies to seasonal businesses. Shops with ski equipment or garden swimming pools are most active in strictly defined seasons of the year. It is up to the agency or specialist to determine when work should be intensified, and thus the budget should be increased, and when it is only necessary to maintain the achieved results.

Greater return on investment

ROI is a great way to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities. But what is ROI? Return of Invest, i.e. the profitability ratio used to measure the effectiveness of activities, in this case, positioning. Search engine users are much more likely to take advantage of the offer they find among the organic results than in the case of paid ads displayed in the SERPs.

Checking the ROI indicator is crucial for all marketing activities. This allows you to determine which type of advertising is the most profitable for a given company. The best type of advertising for the company may depend on, for example, the industry or region in which the company operates.

Understanding customer expectations

Understanding what phrases users are looking for in search engines is of great importance for any business. Constant control of changing trends and user expectations is the key to success. There are several tools that SEO specialists use to help. Knowing customer expectations sounds enigmatic, so what is hidden under this task?

Trying to match the preferences of potential buyers, we can change article descriptions on our website, e.g. so that they show the dimensions of the products or their additional features. By analyzing user searches, we can find a new group of customers for whom we have not had a specially prepared offer so far. For example, in a women's clothing store we lacked clothes for pregnant women, or in a footwear store, we had a small selection of sports shoes. In the product description, it is worth considering including precise information about its intended use. In the case of a camera store, different models may be addressed to professionals or only suffice for amateur photography. When looking for additional traffic on your website, it is necessary to know the expectations of customers.


Positioning is an excellent choice both for companies operating locally, as well as in e-commerce, whose market is the entire country. Depending on the type of business, the effects of positioning come after different times, but they last for quite a long time.

Properly planned activities will improve the visibility of your website in search engines, and thus - increase the company's revenue. Also, remember that the positioning offer depends on competing companies and is adjusted individually. I invite you to comment and share other advantages of positioning, that you consider the most important.